Submitting a Sample

When requesting a quote, you will receive clear instructions specific to your sample and analysis. 

The following information may be helpful when submitting your sample; additionally you may find our frequently asked questions to be helpful.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us for further clarification or guidance; call us on (08) 9422 9800 or submit an online enquiry.

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Sampling Protocol

For accurate and timely analysis, it is crucial that a representative sample is collected, labelled and stored in an appropriate manner. Sample bottles are usually included in the price of analysis. Please speak to one of our experts to discuss the sampling protocol required for your analysis.

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Labelling your samples

ChemCentre will supply sample bottles with sample labels attached, please conplete the entire label clearly. Note that several bottles may be required for the one sample depending on tests requested. All containers for the same sample should be labelled the same.

Items should be clearly labelled and indicate:

  • The contact person or section name the samples are intended for, or the type of analysis (e.g. bore water testing)
  • The identity of the sender
  • Any storage instructions (e.g. refrigerate immediately)
  • Any handling instructions (e.g. keep upright)
  • Any hazardous material information, including pictograms, signal words (e.g. DANGER), hazard statements (e.g. extremely flammable gas) and precautionary information


The most recent guidelines for labelling hazardous materials can be downloaded from Safe Work Australia Model Code of Practice: Labelling of Workplace Hazardous Chemicals; additional chemical labelling information can be found on Safe Work Australia: Labelling Chemicals.

You may find our frequently asked questions helpful.

Forms required

When you receive a quote you will receive a personalised copy of the forms required for sample submission. While each submission may require a number of samples, each submission usually requires  one copy of the 'Chain of Custody' and 'Request for Analysis' form, your ChemCentre representative will provide clear instructions when providing a quote.

You may find our frequently asked questions helpful.

The following forms are available to download for your convenience:

Delivery Location

All Police forensic samples should be delivered to ChemCentre’s Forensic Science Laboratory reception located on level 2.

All non-forensic samples should be delivered to our Sample Delivery Area, a convinient drive-though drop off area located on the ground floor, open Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm.

ChemCentre Sample Deliveries:

Ground Level, Resources and Chemistry Precinct, Building 500,

Corner Manning Road and Townsing Drive (Delivery entrance off Conlon Street)

Bentley,  Western Australia, 6102


  1. Please enter via Conlon Street
  2. Press the intercom on the island for gate access
  3. Drive through to the sample delivery area

Download a printable map and instructions below.

Postal address

PO Box 1250

t: (08) 9422 9800
f: (08) 9422 9801

ABN : 40 991 885 705

Street address

Resources and Chemistry Precinct
Corner Manning Road and Townsing Drive
Bentley WA 6102

Reception: Level 2, South Wing, Building 500.

Deliveries: Ground floor - use Conlon Street entrance