Future Battery Industries

ChemCentre is one of almost 60 partners in the Future Battery Industries Cooperative Research Centre hosted at Curtin University.

The Future Battery Industries CRC which includes partners from industry, academia and government aims to position Australia as a global leader in industry focused research into the rapidly transforming battery value chain.

ChemCentre’s contribution will draw on its significant expertise in the development and application of new tool kits, such as sequential leaching tools and LEAF modelling, in environmental risk identification, mine closure planning and predicting potential long term risks of utilising waste-derived materials.

This expertise and research findings to date will fill significant knowledge gaps for industry and government operating in the WA mining sector

In addition, these tests and tools will generate considerable chemistry-rich data that could be used to inform the development of new mineral processing and extraction methods for the rarer Lithium bearing ores.

This is of special relevance given that optimal extraction methods for lithium bearing ores are still under development.

Importantly, with Western Australia positioning to become a leading international exporter of future battery components, ChemCentre is working to make valuable contributions towards the development of a certification framework for the purity and quality of battery components.


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