Health and Workplace Testing

Protect yourself, your employees, your community and your brand with ChemCentre’s range of Health and Workplace Testing services, from routine analysis to the more sophisticated areas of measuring and characterising volatile organic compounds. ChemCentre traditionally leads the analytical field through identifying trends and future potential hazards before they become an issue.

ChemCentre is also recognised as a leading expert within areas of occupational hygiene and exposure. Cutting edge research and method development has given ChemCentre a technical advantage over other laboratory providers within this arena.

Employers that are seeking expert occupational health and safety testing can rely on ChemCentre; with our many years of experience across health and workplace testing, coupled with our state of the art laboratory and equipment ChemCentre can be a valuable partner:

  • We are able to tailor individual solutions for our clients and offer consultation when required.
  • Our scientists not only have the expertise to carry out analysis to the highest standard, they also have the experience that enables them to translate your results into meaningful consequences for your company.
  • We run a large and varied array of analyses.
  • We have rigorous quality systems and hold NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) accreditation for the majority of our frequently requested tests.


Not only do we support government agencies with chemical risk assessment expertise, quality testing services and bespoke workplace drug testing, our wide range of services relating to occupational health and safety is also frequently engaged by clients from various industries including mining, agriculture and more.

Additionally, we can support consumers and the general public who are more aware of the issues around chemicals in foods, water and the environment. Our services can provide the assurance that air, water, soil and food meet the relevant regulations.

In addition to the Health and Workplace testing outline below, we offer a comprehensive range of environmental services including air quality analysis.

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