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Safeguard your brand, your employees and the environment with ChemCentre’s extensive range of chemical analysis, services and unique solutions for all your chemical problems.

Save time and money with our team’s experience across a broad range of clients and cases allowing us to apply years of knowledge and experience to your project.

From environmental monitoring, to product testing and developing, contaminated site rehabilitation, leachate testing to workplace monitoring for your employees ChemCentre can assist you.

Additionally, ChemCentre can offer you a range of specialised services at the forefront of your industry, developed in collaboration with industry partners, through our Research and Innovation program.

With our state-of-the-art equipment and as a trusted State Government statutory authority, you are assured of quality services and results of the highest standard.

Learn more about our services below or if the service you require is not listed here please do not hestitate to contact an expert to discuss your chemical needs today.

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