Forensic Toxicology

ChemCentre’s forensic toxicology experts deliver a range of analytical and consultative services to core Government clients, including the Office of the State Coroner and W.A. Police. With regard to coronial toxicology, ChemCentre’s specialist toxicology team plays a crucial role in assisting coronial investigations into sudden, unnatural or unexplained deaths in W.A.

Examinations undertaken on behalf of the Office of the State Coroner are designed to establish the presence or absence of drugs, alcohol or poisons in autopsy specimens. Through qualitative and quantitative examinations, our findings assist Coroners in determining the role that these substances may have played in the deaths.

With regard to policing investigations, the analysis of blood and urine specimens from drivers suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs are carried out for police involved in traffic law enforcement.

Police road safety programs are supported through the analysis of oral fluid samples for illicit substances and through the provision of standard alcohol solutions for breath testing instrument calibrations.

Biological exhibits and other miscellaneous items are also examined in connection with criminal investigations on behalf of the W.A Police Force.

We also provide a wide range of toxicology consultancy services including interpretation of results and provision of expert testimony to courts and tribunals.

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