The Leaching Environmental Assessment Framework (LEAF) is a collection of data management tools, leaching tests and methods developed to assess the environmental impact of using waste-derived materials and by-products in the environment.

ChemCentre is a NATA accredited laboratory and the LEAF team is available to provide a full LEAF service of testing, data interpretation and modelling, field studies, and consultancy to both industry and government agencies.

LEAF combines geochemical modelling and laboratory-based tests to help understand how these products will behave in the environment in the long term and can lead to more informed decisions regarding how best to manage industrial waste and use by-products. 

The LEAF tools can be applied to a wide range of waste-derived materials and by-products from a range of industrial processes, including water treatment and mineral processing residues.

LEAF Testing

ChemCentre offers the four leaching tests recommended under LEAF, each designed to test a different critical release controlling parameter, such as liquid-to-solid ratios, and varying pH. Our LEAF service complies with the Environmental Standard: Assessing leachates from waste-derived materials, released by the WA Department of Environmental Regulation.

ChemCentre leaching tests recommended:



LEAF 1313
(USA EPA SW-846 Method 1313)

Liquid-Solid Partitioning a Function of Extract pH using a Parallel Batch Extraction Procedure

LEAF 1314
(USA EPA SW-846 Method 1314)

Liquid-Solid Partitioning as a Function of Liquid-Solid Ratio (L/S) using an Up-flow Percolation Column Procedure

LEAF 1315
(USA EPA SW-846 Method 1315)

Mass Transfer Rates in Monolithic and Compacted Granular Materials using a Semi-dynamic Tank Leaching Procedure

LEAF 1316
(USA EPA SW-846 Method 1316)

Liquid-Solid Partitioning as a Function of Liquid-Solid Ratio using a Parallel Batch Extraction Procedure


LeachXS Modelling

ChemCentre also offers a LeachXS modelling package that includes the following:

  1. LEAF testing and analysis;
  2. Sample characterisation that includes specific parameters required for LeachXS modelling; and
  3. LeachXS modelling work for specific purposes, such as:

      a) Chemical speciation fingerprinting;

      b) LEAF data charting and statistical analysis; and

      c) Predictive modelling of virtual material applications simulation.

Our scientists are experts in utilising and applying the LEAF tools ensuring that the data and information provided to clients is of top quality and scientifically robust therefore providing you with superior analysis and modelling. Please note we are unable to provide the LeachXS modelling service for data generated outside of ChemCentre. 

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