Illicit Drug Residue Sampling Kits

Illicit Drug Residue Sampling Kit Only (Clandestine Laboratory Remediation Swab Kits)

ChemCentre can test for methylamphetamine, ephedrine/pseudoephedrine, MDMA and other illicit drug or precursor residues at your property once appropariate samples are collected. The llicit Drug Residue Sampling Kit makes sampling easy.

Each kit contains the necessary guidelines, equipment and materials to allow for ten sample swabs and one blank swab to be appropriately collected, packaged and returned to ChemCentre for analysis. Each sampling kit is approxiately $40+ GST, analysis of samples is an additional cost and dependant on what residues are tested for. 

ChemCentre’s specialist drug chemists will undertake a comprehensive analysis of samples  and will provide you with a full report outlining the results of our analysis to assist you with the clean-up of a clandestine laboratory contaminated site.


Sampling kits include:

  • Nitrile gloves
  • 11 “ghost wipe” swabs
  • 10 10x10cm swabbing templates
  • 10 labelled clipseal plastic bags for sample swabs and 1 for a blank swab
  • Instructional guide on how to swab an area
  • Sampling information and request for analysis forms
  • Pre-addressed return post bag (only included in first swabbing kit)

Please note that the only agency authorised to verify and approve the remediation of a property used for a clandestine laboratory is the relevant local government. We suggest that you contact your local government Environmental Health Officer prior to undertaking any sampling, swabbing or remediation of a property.

Contact us to purchase a sampling kit and discuss your analysis requirement.

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