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Our Story

Our Story

About_Us_History_1896.jpgChemCentre was established by the Western Australian Government in the 1890s.

Since then, we have grown to become recognised leaders in analytical chemistry and forensic science services.

As a  statutory authority, we provide expert analytical services and scientific advice to government and industries alike.

ChemCentre traces its origins of protecting and supporting the community all the way back to the Western Australian gold rush.

With the passing of the Explosives Act 1895, the State Government appointed the first official Government Analyst, along with the Government Assayer. In 1922, these two offices were amalgamated and later incorporated into the then Mines Department.

Having moved between locations in Perth and Fremantle, 1944 saw what were then known as the ‘Government Chemical Laboratories’ move to Hay Street in East Perth.

About_Us_History_1947.jpgIn 1950, the laboratory gained accreditation under the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA), with registration Number 8. It remains the oldest registered laboratory still operating. During this time, scientists worked to develop the Becher Process, a process which converts ilmenite into synthetic rutile and is a key component of the West Australian mineral sands industry.

With a shift in operations to permit work for private clients as well as government agencies, the organisation was renamed Chemistry Centre (WA) in 1988.

In 2007, the Chemistry Centre (WA) Act 2007 was passed, establishing ChemCentre as a statutory authority and establishing the organisation that exists today. In 2009, we moved to our custom-built premises in Bentley, neighbouring Curtin University and CSIRO.


We are proud to continue the tradition of the State government's first chemists providing high quality scientific services to protect, support and develop the community.



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