Household Soil Health

Our household Soil Package testing covers pH, electrical conductivity (EC), Phosphorus retention Index (PRI), plant available nutrients (Mehlich No. 3 Soil Test), organic carbon and sample preparation. For more information please see the Soil Analysis Interpretation Guide.


We require approximately 200g of soil in a plastic zip-lock bag.

We recommend to look at the soils in the area you intend to sample. Submit a separate soil sample from each soil type (for example, clay, loam or sand) and from areas that have been managed differently.

For each sample collect 10-15 cores from the surface soil (0-10 cm) and thoroughly mix in one bucket to get a representative sample. Avoid collecting the surface material such as leaf or organic matter.

Deeper cores may need to be taken for the investigation of subsurface acidity and salinity or for larger horticultural crops.

Do not sample from unusual sites such as: stock camps, manure patches, gateways, dams or water troughs, old fertiliser stockpiles, areas that have had fertiliser applied in the last three months.

If you have a large area, please sample from multiple areas and combine the soil to provide a representative sample of the area.

Soil Package

Sample Submission Times: Monday to Friday: 8:30am – 4:30pm (excluding public holidays).

Please download and complete the Request for Analysis form and submit it with your samples, listing 'Soil Package' as the analysis required.

Results & Turnaround Time

Turnaround time is around 15 working days. Results will be emailed once payment is received and testing is completed.


There is a minimum charge of $220 (including GST) for a single sample. Additional samples can be submitted within the same batch for $176 per additional sample (including GST).

To avoid any delays in sample analysis, prepayment must be made at the time of sample submission.

For further analyses (for example, other heavy metals, pesticides etc.), specific sampling requirements may be necessary. Please discuss this with a ChemCentre scientist prior to sample collection. 

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.