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Occupational health and safety WA - Why occupational hygiene is a business imperative

Occupational hygiene, ChemCentre, WAOccupational health and safety in WA and across Australia is an increasingly important, often business-critical factor.

But more than simply fulfilling industry regulations and employee obligations by identifying chemical hazards in the workplace, our occupational hygiene expertise can actually improve operational efficiency and, therefore, profitability.

Safeguarding occupational health and safety

As our experience in occupational health and safety in WA and around Australia shows, there are many facets to occupational hygiene sampling and testing, all with a key role to play in protecting people and profits. As such, our occupational hygiene services include:

  • Identification of chemical hazards in the workplace. Finding and eliminating hazardous chemicals and unknown compounds, invisible yet present in our workplace environments.

  • Workplace drug testing and screening. Providing sampling kits to help identify threats to occupational health and safety.

  • Air quality testing. Emissions monitoring and air quality testing, protecting employees, the public and the environment.

Occupational hygiene consulting

Our occupational hygiene services aren’t limited to analyses and standard monitoring services. As internationally renowned experts, we also provide advice to organisations requiring high-level chemistry consultancy, covering everything from chemical hazards in the workplace to counterterrorism in biological and chemical warfare.

Learn more about our occupational health and safety work across WA and Australia. Read about our workplace drug testing and screening services, and air quality testing expertise. Alternatively, contact our occupational hygiene specialists for more information.

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