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Forensic Science

Forensic Science

ChemCentre_Forensic_Science.jpgWith over two decades of experience in forensic science, we have been the preferred laboratory for state authorities for defensible, high quality chemical analysis and testing. Our forensic science laboratory plays a key role in justice administration in Western Australia.

We provide analytical services in forensic toxicology, trace evidence and drug characterisation for state and district coroners, the police and other government agencies. As such, our forensic scientists regularly provide expert testimony in legal proceedings.

Our specialist team examines a range of evidence, including blood and urine samples from coronial investigations into sudden or unnatural deaths. Trained in mineralogy and unique instrumental analytical techniques, our experts also characterise trace evidence such as gunshot residues, paint, hair and synthetic fibres for criminal investigations.

We also assist WA Police in investigations of illicit and synthetic drugs and clandestine drug manufacture.

Clan Lab Remediation
Assured testing services for the cleanup of drug contaminated properties
Workplace Drug Testing
Read on to learn about workplace drug testing and screening in Perth and across Western Australia.
Forensic Toxicology
Accurate analysis for quality toxicology report delivery
Illicit Drugs
Read how police and government agencies rely on our scientific expertise to combat illicit and synthetic drugs.
Clandestine Drug Laboratories
Our risk assessment and chemical hazards testing expertise provides complete peace of mind.
Physical Evidence
Physical evidence Combining expert knowledge and high-specification instruments, physical evidence work is delivered with the highest quality.
Hemp Testing
Hemp testing Trust our NATA-accredited forensic science laboratory to ensure hemp growers comply with the Industrial Hemp Act.
Racing Chemistry
ChemCentre has stood at the forefront of racing chemistry since the early 1980s.
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