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Water_testing-(1).jpgAs the demands on water supplies in Perth grow, so our water testing and water analysis services play an increasingly important role in ensuring water security.

However, water security and water testing isn’t just an issue for Perth. It’s an issue across Western Australia (WA) and even further afield, where we’re able to provide high quality, defensible water testing and analysis results that enable utilities and government to plan for the future.

Our services at a glance

For an overview of our testing, consultancy and research capability, download the flyer which also lists a selection of parameters we can test for.

Water analysis and protecting public health

With a rapidly increasing population in Perth and WA and the scarcity of clean water, there is growing pressure on water utilities and the emerging water desalination and treatment industry to ensure water security and the purity of our water supply. Safeguarding public health and our marine and estuarine environments are of paramount importance.

Similarly, users of water systems are required to guarantee that their use of a scarce resource is both environmentally and economically sustainable.

At ChemCentre, we offer comprehensive water testing and analysis services for drinking water and environmental waters, along with tailored research and development capabilities.

What are we testing drinking and treated water for?

Over the years, an increasing variety of chemical compounds has been disposed into water systems around Perth and WA, such as disinfection by-products, pharmaceutical and personal care products (PPCPs), synthetic hormones from birth control treatments and hormonal therapies.

Understandably, there is concern in the community about the potential risks these chemicals may have on our water systems, including the possible implications for flora and fauna.

Our water testing services therefore play an important role in safeguarding water supplies, with our experienced water analysis teams testing for almost 400 chemical substances using high-precision water analysis equipment. We’re able to detect limits of down to parts per trillion.

Trusted by WA’s Water Corporation

We provide a range of water testing services for the Water Corporation, WA’s public utility, investigating the feasibility of recycling and treating wastewater as a potential source of drinking water for the Perth metropolitan community.

Our water testing and analysis services include:

  • Ongoing chemical monitoring for regulatory compliance, including meeting environmental requirements and Australian Drinking Water Guidelines
  • Small Community Drinking Water quality and contamination management for small and remote mine sites
  • Testing and analysis of recycled and treated waste water for reuse in the community.
  • Analysis of sediments, biota and water to ANZECC/NH&MRC guidelines
  • Site investigations to examine water management, contamination and environmental impact
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of water-sensitive urban design based on a deep understanding of water and soil chemistry
  • Ultra-trace limits of detection for long-term monitoring and risk management
  • Tailored method development for unusual parameters

Water Quality testing and analytical services

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