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At ChemCentre, we have proven expertise in soil testing, analysis and research.

Based in Perth, our soil testing team conducts high quality soil analyses of physical and chemical parameters. In addition to testing for organic carbon, total carbon, bulk density and moisture content, we also conduct a 19-element soil extraction, including heavy metals, to obtain a snapshot of soil chemistry. Find out more about our carbon accounting services.


Why you should engage our soil testing services

Soil is a fundamental resource for the agricultural industry and economies. It stores nutrients essential for healthy crop and plant growth, regulates water drainage and flow and functions as an anchor for plants.

Soil testing and analysis is therefore crucial to public health and the environment.

Over the past decade, we have been involved in key soil testing and analysis projects in Perth. These include the soil amendment trials at the Esplanade and soil chemistry analysis at the Western Australian Cricket Association Grounds in the heart of Perth.

Our expertise and reputation for excellence in soil testing has seen us work with a diverse range of clients, including natural resource management organisations and catchment councils. Indeed, we’re a verification laboratory for many clients concerned about the integrity of the soil testing services provided by other laboratories in Perth.

Unique expertise for creative environmental solutions

For over two decades, ChemCentre has taken a lead role in researching the benefits of a wide variety of soil amendments to improve soil quality, including water retention and fertiliser uptake.

As an independent authority, we are uniquely positioned to investigate the impact of soil amendments, and have worked with agencies including the Water Corporation and Swan River Trust.

Complete, fully accredited analytical services

Our services are flexible and scalable. We can advise on sampling methodologies to meet your unique soil testing requirements and we can also provide trained soil analysis personnel to perform sampling, if needed. Moreover, our methods are NATA accredited and adhere to standards set by the Australasian Soil and Plant Analysis Council.

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