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Environmental Monitoring Overview

Environmental Monitoring Overview

Leading the way in environmental chemistry in Australia

ChemCentre_Environmental_Chemistry-(1).jpg ChemCentre was established when the very first government chemist was appointed in WA. This was to address a pressing public health and safety issue regarding the incorrect handling of explosives used in mineral exploration.

Now, 120 years later, ChemCentre remains at the forefront of public health and safety, as our experts ensure that the state, as well as the rest of Australia, is safeguarded from chemical risks to community health and safety and the environment. Besides supporting government agencies with chemical risk assessment expertise and quality testing services, our broad range of environmental monitoring services are also frequently engaged by clients from various industries, including mining, agriculture and property development.

The importance of environmental chemistry and monitoring

Environmental chemistry and monitoring is the process of analysing an environmental sample – whether water, soil, air or something else – and identifying, quantifying and characterising the different chemicals that are present within the sample. Environmental chemistry and monitoring is necessary in a number of situations, including for regulatory requirements and to examine the impact an activity has, or may have, on the environment.

Environmental monitoring doesn’t only demonstrate your company’s commitment to upholding the highest environmental and safety standards; it is also the first step in avoiding lengthy and expensive remediation procedures should your site be contaminated.

ChemCentre’s expertise and experience in this area, combined with our laboratory’s state of the art equipment, allow us to provide our clients with not only the details of the chemical analysis of a particular sample, but also an explanation of what they entail and advice on how the results may impact your company.

We frequently work with mining and resource companies looking at exploration, mine site planning and closure to see if their activity is having, or will have, an impact on the environment, and whether they are meeting industry regulations. If it appears that steps need to be taken to mitigate environmental impacts and remediate the site, ChemCentre is able to test water, soil and other environmental material to determine appropriate and cost effective measures.

We work with property development companies, looking at the impact their work has on the soil, and with agricultural clients to determine whether their agricultural activities are impacting the environment, particularly soil and water.

In terms of air sampling, we work with mining companies in transportation, construction and other industries to monitor employee exposure, as well as potential environmental, industrial and community impacts.

Why choose ChemCentre for environmental chemistry and monitoring

As the state chemical laboratory, ChemCentre has been providing environmental chemistry and monitoring services for over 120 years. We have a deep understanding of the chemistry that goes into environmental science, and have experience dealing with significant cases involving environmental testing and environmental contamination, particularly in Western Australia.

ChemCentre has worked with bodies such as the Esperance Cleanup and Recovery Project (testing for lead), WA Health (testing for food allergens and chemical residues) and the Water Corporation (testing pre- and post-treatment water) to supply comprehensive analyses to assess chemical risk and manage resources.

Our scientists’ ability to translate the details of your analysis to understandable results and consequences for your project is what sets ChemCentre apart from the rest. Our team’s experience in dealing with a broad range of clients and cases in Australia allows us to apply knowledge gained from years of experience to your results, ensuring that every client gets the most value out of the testing process.

Environmental chemistry and monitoring services

Our experts are here to help throughout the duration of analysis; from tailoring a package to suit your specific requirements, to providing recommendations and interpretation of your results.

Our testing services are fully accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA), and all reports and results are legally defensible. This ensures the protection of your company’s reputation as well as the health of the environment, your employees and the community.

A full list of our environmental services is below. However, if you have an unusual chemistry problem, do contact our experts to find out how we can help.

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