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Environmental Chemistry

Environmental Chemistry

ChemCentre_Environmental_Chemistry-(1).jpgThe very first Government Chemist was appointed in Western Australia to address a pressing public health and safety issue – the incorrect handling of explosives used in mineral exploration.

Now, 120 years later, our public health and safety experts continue to ensure the State is safeguarded from chemical risks to community health and safety, supporting government agencies with chemical risk assessment expertise and quality testing services.

We work with government agencies and industry to supply comprehensive analyses to assess chemical risk and manage resources.

Our public health and safety assessments, results and reports (with thorough, defensible information guaranteed by our scientists) allow our clients to address community concerns and manage any potential chemical risk that may impact on the public and the environment.

For an overview of our environmental services, download our flyer which contains a range of information including water, soil, air, biota, metals, nutrients, hazard and sampling services, to name a few.

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Environmental Monitoring Overview
An overview of environmental monitoring services at ChemCentre
Occupational Health & Safety
Using expert chemistry to protect your employees and company
Air Quality
Discover how our accredited air and emissions monitoring services safeguard employees and communities.
Quality analyses for potable and environmental waters
Soil analysis for environmental health and management
Marine Environments
Quality analyses for marine waters and hydrocarbon profiling
Leaching Environmental Assessment Framework
Discover our Leaching Environmental Assessment Framework (LEAF) - a collection of tools, tests and methods developed to assess the environmental environmental impact of waste-derived materials and by-products
Acid Sulfate Soils
Managing the risk of acid sulfate soils with chemical testing
Acid Mine Drainage
Leading the field in mine site environmental analysis
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