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Sweet! Honey chemistry research proceeds

Sweet! Honey chemistry research proceeds

Date Published: 31-Mar-16

ChemCentre has been notified that the honey research and development proposal which aims to quantify the benefits of monofloral honeys and establish a certification scheme has been successful. 
ChemCentre Food Scientist Ken Dods has been working with a consortium of honey producers (representing more than 80 per cent of WA production) on work that will quantify the benefits of monofloral honeys and establish a certification scheme. Monofloral honeys, such as jarrah and marri, are honey from the nectar of a single species.

The certification process, using compositional chemistry, will protect against product substitution and dilution with other lower value honeys. It will also ensure that ChemCentre continues involvement in this area beyond the life of the funded project. When completed, this work will mean greater income for WA honey producers, because genuine products demand a premium in the market.

As reported last month, this sentiment is shared by international buyer One Food Honey, which has signed a 15 year agreement with local apiarists to purchase monofloral honey products, and premium local producer Capilano – both of whom are strong supporters of this certification initiative.

The three year project will begin soon and receive total funding of around one million dollars over the life of the project. Other project collaborators in this work include the Australian Genomic Research Facility, PathWest, Department of Agriculture and Food WA, international honey laboratories and of course the consortium of honey producers.

For more information, contact Ken Dods on 9422 9902 or 0447 862 026.

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