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Racing chemistry team strengthened

Racing chemistry team strengthened

Date Published: 16-Dec-16

ChemCentre’s Racing Chemistry team has a new recruit. Kelly Wilson joined the team in December, bringing with her invaluable experience from working in the Racing Analytical Laboratory in Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates.
Kelly moved to the Emirates in 2009 and helped former ChemCentre employee Allen Stenhouse set up a camel testing laboratory. Camel racing is big in the Emirates and many of the analyses used in testing camels are the similar to those used in Australia in dogs and horses.
“The drugs used in camel racing are also similar to those used in horses and dogs, although it it is dependent on availability and what the person administering the drugs is trying to achieve," Kelly said.

"One of the big differences is that because there is no gambling in the Emirates, everyone just wants to win, so there are no ‘stoppers’ used - there is no concept of throwing a race.
“Another difference is that with the camels, we mostly used blood samples, whereas horse and dog testing labs mostly test urine samples. Here we look for metabolites. This reflects a deeper knowledge of the metabolism of the drugs in horses and dogs. Less is understood about drug metabolism in camels.”
Kelly is a professional member of the Association of Official Racing Chemists (AORC) and has worked with racing chemists from around the world. She hopes her international experience will be a valuable addition to the ChemCentre Racing team and is keen to learn more from her new colleagues.
“I’m super excited to be here and to be part of the team,” she said.
Moving to Perth is a return home for Kelly. Canadian-born, she first moved to Perth as a child and graduated with Honours from Murdoch University, majoring in molecular biology and forensic biology and toxicology. Being reunited with family is a bonus for Kelly in taking the ChemCentre job. Outside of the laboratory, Kelly enjoys all things in health and fitness and is a qualified yoga teacher and Spin instructor. 

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