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Open Day 2017: Mission Complete

Open Day 2017: Mission Complete

Date Published: 31-Aug-17

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks for supporting us in making Open Day 2017 bigger and better than ever. The day saw an estimated 4000 people come through our doors – our largest turnout yet!
The aim of our sixth annual Open Day was to celebrate science through encouraging visitors to Make Science Your Mission. The stalls and activities reflected the vast areas of work that ChemCentre undertakes and how it impacts the community.

The feedback we have received from visitors has been overwhelmingly positive, with most expressing that their knowledge and interest in science has improved because of the experience.

This year we added several new stalls, and although some were not directly related to the work that ChemCentre does, they helped to highlight the beautiful and tactile nature of chemistry:
  • Hogwarts Potions for Muggles – a fun way to show the ‘magic’ in Science while relating it to a current and relatable topic for the audience.
  • What’s your drunkment? – visitors complete simple tasks using the ‘impairment goggles’ to show the relevance to substance induced impairment and the work ChemCentre does with the WAPol to prevent this impacting our community.
  • Danger Zone – showcasing the Emergency Response Van and some of the equipment used in recognising danger in the community.
  • Make Your Own Bath Salts – an update on the previous ‘Make Your Own Perfume’ stall where visitors can take home bath salts created on the day.
  • It IS Rocket Science – a new show created by one of our UWA Science Communication Practicum Students in which the chemistry of fire and rockets is demonstrated in a most… explosive way.

ChemCentre Open Day 2017 also saw an increase in chemistry clubs, universities and partner organisation involvement. External stalls highlight the vast network of government agencies and education providers who contribute to the work we do at ChemCentre, whether it be our commercial services, our forensic science, public health and safety, or simply within the scope of our Outreach program in helping to promote chemistry-based education in the community.

The partners, clubs and universities welcomed back from previous Open Days:
  • Department of Fire and Emergency Services
  • WA Police (clandestine labs)
  • Greyhounds as Pets
  • PathWest Forensic Pathologists
  • Royal Australian Chemical Institute

And the new partners attending Open Day 2017 were:
  • UWA Molecular Science Faculty
  • UWA CheMnBio (Student Chemistry Club)
  • Murdoch University Outreach
  • Curtin Science Outreach
  • WA Police Breath and Drug Operations (Booze Bus)

Of course, it wouldn’t have been Open Day without the help of our dedicated staff and external volunteers, thank you for your amazing efforts – we know it must have been exhausting!

Mission complete.
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See photos from the day here and here.

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