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One day, two chief scientists

One day, two chief scientists

Date Published: 29-Jul-16

ChemCentre was thrilled to welcome not one but two chief scientists to its Bentley premises on Monday 25 July. Dr Alan Finkel AO, Chief Scientist of Australia, visited during his whirlwind  trip to Perth, and while he was at ChemCentre, Chief Scientist of WA, Professor Peter Klinken, joined him.
ChemCentre CEO Peter Millington said it was a double delight to have both Chief Scientists at ChemCentre on the one day.

“Dr Finkel was only in Perth briefly, so I recognise and appreciate the gesture of his visit at short notice,” Peter said.

“Visits such as these are important for ChemCentre as they provide an opportunity to showcase our value to the state via our talented staff and world class laboratories. Of course, the downside is that visits are inevitably brief, due to the demands on the Chief Scientists’ time, so it is never possible for a complete tour. While Professor Klinken is more familiar with our operations here, I hope we are able to welcome them both again soon to expand their knowledge of the diversity of our work.”

Dr Finkel was given a ‘hands-on’ tour of the 24/7 Emergency Response vehicle, which acts as a mobile laboratory to assess chemical hazards in the community. He also toured the Forensic Science Laboratory and heard from staff about our illegal drugs analysis, toxicology work and physical evidence investigations, which support justice and policing agencies locally, nationally and internationally.

“When there’s a chemical threat of any kind, we expect our government to come to our aid. But the rapid response required takes an extraordinary level of planning and expertise, and fortunately I’ve seen that capability here today in spades. And that’s very comforting to know,” Dr Finkel said.

(L to R): Dr Dominic Reynolds (A/Director, Forensic Science Laboratory, ChemCentre), Dr Alan Finkel AO, Peter Millington (ChemCentre CEO), Professor Peter Klinken (Chief Scientist WA), Denise Goldsworthy (ChemCentre Board Chair), Bianca Douglas (ChemCentre Manager Forensic Toxicology).

(L to R): Nigel West (A/Director Scientific Services, ChemCentre), Professor Peter Klinken (Chief Scientist WA), Denise Goldsworthy (ChemCentre Board Chair), Dr Alan Finkel AO, Peter Millington (ChemCentre CEO), Dr Steve Wilkinson (ChemCentre ER Manager), Dr Dominic Reynolds (A/Director Forensic Science Laboratory, ChemCentre). That's a lot of science in one photo!

You can find out more about Australia’s Chief Scientist here, and Chief Scientist of WA here.

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