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Mission complete at 2015 Open Day

Mission complete at 2015 Open Day

Date Published: 25-Sep-15

Saturday 22 August saw ChemCentre’s fifth annual Open Day exceed every Open Day so far! Over 3,000 visitors made science their mission and discovered how ChemCentre and partner agencies protect the community. 

With a staggering 70 per cent of visitors rating the event 8 out 10 or better (30 per cent rating it a perfect 10!), and widespread media coverage, we know we are reaching our objective to show how valuable and important ChemCentre’s services are to the WA community.

This year we welcomed a record number of visitors AND a record number of partner agencies and volunteers on the day who helped visitors start their science adventure.

Forensic pathologists from PathWest joined ChemCentre’s toxicology team for the first time to discuss the biological side of determining the cause of death for coronial inquests. Adult visitors commented on how great it was to see an aspect of science that is often incorrectly portrayed in popular crime shows.

Toxicology Display
 Solving cases with ChemCentre's toxicology team

Two other new teams joining us this year were the Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) Dangerous Goods team, and the WA Branch of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) sharing their science knowledge with the community. We were particularly delighted with how much everyone enjoyed the Dangerous Goods team’s photo opportunity.

DMPs Photobooth
Future scientists taking photos with DMP

Younger visitors enjoyed interacting with some of our furrier guests from Greyhounds as Pets and Racing and Wagering WA who explored the science behind the WA racing industry.

Greyhound scientist
The greyhounds were excited about science too!

As always we were delighted to work with WA Police, the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) and the Department of Health communicating the role each agency plays in responding to, and cleaning up, chemical hazards such as clandestine laboratories.  DFES took the mock clandestine drug lab to the next level this year bringing along their comprehensive decontamination unit: a full 15 metre tent where our helper scientists could hose off any “hazardous contamination”.

Some serious decontamination with DFES

The new Open Day Mission had budding scientists getting hands on with science and helping the ChemCentre team solve crimes, investigate environmental concerns and keeping their energy levels high by exploring the science behind fairy floss. 

You can see all this year’s ‘Paparazzi’ photos and keep up-to-date with news for next year’s event by following us on Facebook and Twitter. See you in 2016!

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