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FREE soil testing at ChemCentre Open Day!

FREE soil testing at ChemCentre Open Day!

Date Published: 18-Aug-15

Have you ever wondered just how healthy your backyard soil is, or what might be missing to provide your plants with healthier soil? 

At this Saturday’s Open Day, you have a rare opportunity to bring soil from your garden between 10am-3pm and our expert soil scientists will help you gain a better understanding of the science behind your soil.

ChemCentre provides high quality soil testing for government agencies and commercial companies, testing everything from pH (acidity), trace metals and nutrients. At Open Day we bring the science out of the lab to help make your garden flourish with science!

What tests will be performed and what will they tell me?

  • Electrical Conductivity (EC) 
    EC measures the salinity (salt level) of soil. High salt levels can cause dehydration in plants damaging your garden. Thankfully, Perth’s sandy soils allow salt to leach through the soil making high salinity levels in the Perth region quite rare.
  • pH
    pH measures the acidity of the soil. The pH of soil controls what nutrients and toxic elements are available to your plants. Different plants like different pH conditions but most are happy with near neutral values (6-7).

What do I need to bring to Open Day?

  • You must bring approximately a cup worth of your soil to be tested in a sealed zip-lock bag.
  • Come see our soil testing stand when you first arrive at Open Day, then register your soil and pick up your results when you have explored the rest of the stalls and activities. Open Day maps can be downloaded here.

We don’t normally offer soil testing to domestic clients so this is a rare chance to gain expert insight into your garden while you’re enjoying a fun day out with the family!

For more information about ChemCentre’s Open Day visit the Open Day website.

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