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Chemistry a key player in Future Science

Chemistry a key player in Future Science

Date Published: 14-Dec-16

The Science Teachers’ Association of Western Australia (STAWA) hosted its annual Future Science Conference on Friday 2 December 2016. Nearly 300 primary and secondary teachers, student teachers, science educators and lab technicians attended the day, which was jam-packed with workshops and presentations.
ChemCentre Forensic Chemist, Kari Pitts, lead the day as one of five principle speakers with her talk ‘Forensic Chemistry: Past, Present and Future’. Attendees were delighted by her engaging case studies and depth of knowledge in the field.
In the exhibitor’s hall showcases of learning materials, new tech for schools, and outreach and education programs engaged teachers during the morning and lunch breaks. The ChemCentre table, manned by Jean Burton Media and Communications Manager and Katie Eales Communications and Outreach Officer, was a top destination on the STAWA passport. Outreach merchandise and emergency response dummy “Lucy” were both great talking points, with our new Chemistry Joke postcards being a particularly popular addition to this year’s repertoire.



The highlight, however, was the genuine enthusiasm shown by teachers and science educators for the Outreach opportunities available through ChemCentre. Our capacity to offer free hands-on learning experiences for science students is an immeasurable gift to the community.
During the lunch break Ewald Swinny and Fiona Tan, two of our hard-working emergency response team members, brought the Emergency Response van out for attendees to see and interact with. “Teachers got a chance to see some of the very real components of our Outreach program, we use real equipment and real Chemists,” said Katie.
With the Communications and Outreach role filled after a nine-month hiatus there are bound to be exciting things brewing in the Outreach calendar for 2017 – stay tuned.
Future Science was held on Curtin Bentley campus with the help of Curtin Outreach staff and volunteers, who encouragingly pointed attendees in the direction of lecture theatres and workshop rooms throughout the day.
For Outreach enquiries, community event and school bookings contact Katie Eales, Communications and Outreach Officer, at

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