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ChemCentre gets safety tick of approval

ChemCentre gets safety tick of approval

Date Published: 19-Aug-16

ChemCentre has been certified as meeting the highest international standards for workplace occupational health and safety. ChemCentre Safety Officer Simone Brown said achieving the JAS-ANZ (Joint Accreditation System for Australia and New Zealand) accreditation provides clients with certainty that ChemCentre operates at the highest levels of compliance.
“ChemCentre has always had exceptional occupational health and safety practices, which is evident in our safety record,” Simone said.

“But we haven’t always had the documentation or accreditation to prove it. The process we have just completed through Best Practice Certification provides clarification regarding the way we operate.”

The certification verifies that ChemCentre’s Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) compliance and processes meet the requirements of AS/NZS4801:2001. 

ChemCentre was taken through the accreditation process by the independent agency Best Practice Certification (BPC). All procedures and documentation processes were analysed and assessed.

“In the first stage of the process, BPC found a couple of non-compliances around our record keeping. We were actually doing everything correctly in the labs, but the way we were documenting it was not considered to be transparent and accessible enough.

“We also had to conduct a full internal safety audit and hold a management meeting to check our OHS protocols.

“We completed these things and so met the criteria for accreditation.”

ChemCentre Chief Executive Officer Peter Millington commended Simone on her diligence in guiding the organisation through the accreditation process, saying it was a credit to her and a milestone for ChemCentre.

“This certification comes after more than a year’s sustained effort by Simone, with the able input of our section heads and the OSH team,” Peter said.

“We have a good track record for maintaining a safe workplace and improving safety outcomes. However in order to gain certification, we had to prove our systems are robust and up to date, and that we comply with their requirements. Simone led the organisation through this process.”

Simone said the accreditation provides clients with certainty that ChemCentre practices meet the highest standards of OHS.

“Often when we are tendering for work, tender documents require an explanation of the occupational health and safety standards under which we operate. In the past, this has been quite laborious to document, but with JAS-ANZ accreditation, we can just tick the box, making it much easier for everyone.”

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