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ChemCentre forensic science expertise in high demand

ChemCentre forensic science expertise in high demand

Date Published: 29-Jul-16

ChemCentre’s Forensic Chemistry staff have been busy conducting the annual clandestine laboratory investigators course with WA Police. The course has built up a reputation such that interstate and overseas investigators and chemists have requested to be participants in past years; this year’s visitors were from NSW and ACT. 
While the course has lectures and presentations, both chemistry and operations based, it also has a highly practical component with workshops, demonstrations and a whole day at ChemCentre getting some hands-on experience of actual reactions. 

In addition, the team issued its latest Illicit Drugs newsletter which informs police clients and forensic chemists of trends and interesting seizures seen at the forensic science laboratory, including statistics on drug purities for the four main drug types; methylamphetamine, mdma (ecstasy), heroin and cocaine. First published in 2012, the circulation of the newsletter is now global, demonstrating the value of ChemCentre data collected from analysis work supporting policing and justice agencies locally, nationally and internationally.

The Forensic Toxicology team have been getting to know several pieces of new laboratory hardware, introducing some new technology to streamline sample preparation in the various toxicology and racing teams. The use of these partial or fully automated systems for supported liquid extraction (SLE) and sample preparation will save significant time for analysis, helping to improve our services for clients. ChemCentre continually assesses and updates its equipment and technology to ensure that methods and services meet its clients’ needs.

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