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ChemCentre demonstrates value for mining industry

ChemCentre demonstrates value for mining industry

Date Published: 27-May-16

ChemCentre’s mining industry services were brought to the fore this month with Peter McCafferty, Director Scientific Services Division, and Stuart Rietkerk, Business Development Manager, visiting clients in Kalgoorlie and attending the Goldfields Environment Managers Group (GEMG) workshop.
Stuart said ChemCentre had much to offer the mining industry, particularly in environmental sampling and drug and alcohol testing services.

“ChemCentre can analyse soil, water or air samples for pretty much anything,” Stuart said.
“We were particularly keen to let people know about our LEAF testing capability.”

LEAF – Leaching Environmental Assessment Framework – is a collection of data management tools, leaching tests and methods developed to assess a wide range of waste-derived materials and by-products from a range of industrial processes, including water treatment and mineral processing residues. Originally developed at the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands, LEAF can be used to compare scenarios for a range of possible applications of the tested materials.

ChemCentre brought the LEAF technology to Australia and has carried out field trials to ensure that the tests are properly calibrated for Australian conditions.
“We’ve had the LEAF capability since November 2014 and it’s enabling us to reliably predict the way different materials will behave in different environments,” Stuart said.

ChemCentre is also involved in R&D on minesite management, and works collaboratively with mining companies and state and national research bodies such as MRIWA and CRC CARE to ensure we can offer Western Australian mining companies the best tools to operate their business and minimise environmental impacts. This allows WA mining companies to maintain their competitive advantage and operate at world’s best practice.

“The consultants and mining company representatives we spoke with in Kalgoorlie were very keen to hear about ChemCentre’s services,” Stuart said.

“We found potential clients were also very interested in our ability to analyse samples for the presence of illicit drugs. Due to occupational health and safety implications, companies are keen to access effective, efficient and economical testing laboratories. ChemCentre has extensive experience in this area and is well placed to provide competitive services to industry.”

The GEMG workshop is held biennially. Stuart noted that attendee numbers were slightly lower than at the two previous workshops, although with about 200 delegates it was certainly still a popular gathering and an important opportunity to showcase ChemCentre’s services.

For information about ChemCentre’s services contact Stuart Rietkerk on 08 9422 9821 or, or visit

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