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ChemCentre STEAMs Ahead with Chemistry

ChemCentre STEAMs Ahead with Chemistry

Date Published: 30-Nov-16

ChemCentre’s Communications and Outreach Officer, Katie Eales, spent two days at Elizabeth Quay for Arcadia’s STEAM Ahead Community Open days on 23 and 24 November. STEAM is the next generation STEM movement that incorporates the Arts; Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.
Industry and educators alike where invited to showcase STEAM-based learning for primary and high school students in accordance with the three pillars of Arcadia – Sustainability, Arts and Culture, Science and Innovation. There were plenty of arts and science activities for the kids to get their hands dirty.
ChemCentre blew the crowd away with an explosive demonstration on the STEAM Ahead Stage. Students marveled at the simple magic of flames and smoke made using household ingredients. Smoke bombs, a type of firework used in the military, as self-defense and pranks, were chosen as an activation to tie in with the Arcadia spider which produces flames and smoke as part of show.

“The best kind of learning is tangible and exciting – when you can see something blow up and let off a lot of smoke and you’re then told the chemistry behind that, it’s much more memorable” Katie said. “Children are very naturally inquisitive; they were asking me some very in depth questions about the show”
Click here to see Katie interviewed for Channel 9 News, and for more information about the STEAM Ahead open days.
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