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ChemCentre Partner Protecting Western Australian Marine Environments

ChemCentre Partner Protecting Western Australian Marine Environments

Date Published: 02-Apr-15

The Western Australian Marine Science Institution discussed two partner projects at the WAMSI annual research conference this week.

Both projects have been orchestrated by WAMSI with the support of industry partners and scientific institutions such as ChemCentre.

The first project, a $19 million Dredging Science Program is, according to Premier and Science Minister Colin Barnett, essential. It is hoped that this project will assist in setting operating conditions to achieve an optimum balance between supporting the environment and promoting sustainable economic development.

The Dredging Science Program also fosters increased collaboration between industry and science research helping to increase accuracy and build upon current data and environmental knowledge. 

The second project is the Kimberley Marine Research program, designed to provide a scientific basis for marine park planning and management. This program has already assisted in environmental progress, through the designation of three marine parks in the Kimberley and will assist in the proper environmental management of these areas. The research conducted will contribute to the growth of knowledge and ability to ensure the protection of the surrounding marine environment into the future.

More information on both projects can be found on the WAMSI website.

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