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ChemCentre Act Review - Consultation

ChemCentre Act Review - Consultation

Date Published: 12-Sep-18

The Chemistry Centre (WA) Act provides that every five years, the Minister must conduct a review of the Act’s operation and effectiveness. The five yearly review is now due and the Minister has asked the Chief Scientist to carry it out.

In summary, the Terms of Reference for the review provide that the Chief Scientist must submit a report to the Minister which:

  • Details the Chief Scientist’s conclusions on the extent to which the powers of the Chemistry Centre (ChemCentre) under the Act are being appropriately applied; and

  • Makes recommendations, where appropriate, regarding amendments to the Act that could:

  • Maximise ChemCentre’s ability to provide chemical analysis services to Government; and

  • Provide for a more contemporary reporting and governance structure for ChemCentre.

To read the Terms of Reference in full, or for more information please visit the Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation (JTSI) website.

In order to prepare his report, the Chief Scientist is seeking submissions from organisations that deal regularly with ChemCentre and have an interest in its operations. If you are such a person or organisation, you are encouraged to review the Terms of Reference and prepare a submission detailing any issues you consider to be relevant.

These submissions will be treated as confidential. Submissions will be accepted on, or before 12 October 2018.

The Chief Scientist must deliver his report to the Minister by 30 November 2018.

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