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Education and Outreach

Education and Outreach

Education_and_Outreach.jpg ChemCentre provides essential services in environmental chemistry, forensic science, and emergency response to help keep WA safe. But did you know we also provide chemistry-based education?

Based on our mandate within the Chemistry Centre (WA) Act 2007 - to promote, and assist in the provision of, chemistry based education and training (s9) - ChemCentre runs an education and outreach program, including a biennual Open Day.

The program promotes engagement with the secondary and tertiary education sectors, as well as collaboration with other Western Australian science engagement providers. Each year, our scientists and science communicators take part in secondary and tertiary student events, community presentations, science showcases and chemistry career events.


  • School excursions
    Visit us at ChemCentre (year 11 and 12 chemistry only).
  • School incursions
    ChemCentre scientists visit your school (year 11 and 12 preferred).
  • University visits
    Visit us at ChemCentre or have our scientists come to you.
  • Community events and partnerships
    Community events involving the promotion of Chemistry and other STEM subjects, partnerships with other Science-based organisations.
  • ChemCentre Open Day
    Annual open day held on site during National Science Week, showcasing all aspects of ChemCentre and our work.
  • Vacation Work
    University students have the opportunity to work at ChemCentre for the summer holidays (third year chemistry students only).


Laboratory Tours

  • Forensic Science Laboratory
  • Organic Chemistry Laboratory
  • Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory


  • Introduction to ChemCentre
  • Forensic Chemistry
  • Emergency Response


  • Emergency Response Chemical Spill Exercise
  • What’s that Smell?
  • The Chemistry of Fireworks

Please note: the ChemCentre outreach program is not curriculum-matched, the aim of the program is to provide career insights and context for students looking to pursue further study in chemistry.

No school incursion or excursion bookings taken for July and August.


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