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Mission and Values

Mission and Values

At ChemCentre, we aim to provide an outstanding service to all of our clients, stakeholders and the wider community.


ChemCentre provides chemical and forensic science services for a safe and prosperous Western Australia.


ChemCentre is Western Australia’s leading provider of specialised chemical and forensic science services.


Our approach is guided by our core ChemCentre values, which help to shape our relationships and underpin the way we do business. As a statutory authority, our values are also aligned to the Western Australian Public Sector Code of Conduct.

Integrity: We operate a sustainable business that strives to operate safely, ethically, sustainably and with integrity in all that we undertake.

Respect: We respect our clients, our staff and the responsibilities that we are charged with.

Technical Excellence: We advocate technical excellence and utilising excellent science to inform and improve everything that we do.

Innovation: Through method development and targeted, collaborative research and development we continually seek to improve our science for the benefit of our stakeholders.


Strategic Direction

The community of Western Australia is the primary beneficiary of ChemCentre’s services. Our major clients include the Government of Western Australia (directly and through client Departments), Government Trading Enterprises (GTEs), the public and industry. ChemCentre strives to achieve its mission of ensuring a safe and prosperous Western Australia by providing specialised services to a range of clients.
Our overarching strategic objectives are to:
  1. Mitigate risks to government associated with public health, public safety and the environment
  2. Keep the State safe during times of emergency and crisis
  3. Support the State justice and policing systems
  4. Support the sustainable economic development of the State
  5. Support science capability and engagement in the State
  6. Develop our people, enhance organisational capability and financial sustainability
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